Podiatry assessment
This is for a new Chiropody patient who have corns, hard skin, verrucae or problematic nail issues
Podiatry /chiropody treatment
This is for patients with on going chiropody need which has been identified and undergone treatment.
Nail surgery
This is a minor surgical intervention for problematic nails. This is performed under local anaesthetic. Then corrective shaping is performed with or without an oblation (chemical burn).
Faulkner needling
This is our favoured technique for the treatment in teenage and adult verrucae. This is performed under local anaesthetic.
Lacuna nail treatment
We have incorporated the most upto date research in the treatment of Fungal nails. This involves drilling numerous holes into the infected nail plate that allows a reservoir of the anti fungal treatment liquid to permeate and treat the infection allowing the nail to grow and repair.
Dressing appointment
Required following nail surgery and occasionally after Faulkner needling